What You Can Expect


What You Can Expect

First Treatment:  
please come 15 min early with loose-fitting clothing.  There is free parking in front or free street parking. 

You'll receive a few pages of paperwork to fill out which are easy and straight forward.   

You can also print and fill them out before the treatment as well.

We offer premium herbal, green, wulong and puerh teas complimentary before and after each treatment.   Offering and fostering community is an important part of our mission. 

Our comprehensive holistic diagnosis includes asking questions, "listening" to your pulse, traditional observation, checking vital signs, palpating channels and doing physical exam.   Informed by classical Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, we generally do both front and back treatments. 

After the needles are inserted and you're comfortable, you can rest between 15-30 minutes.  We can give you a bell to let us know if you need us.

For most patients, we will do cupping, moxibustion or guasha as necessary and 10 min of therapeutic bodywork.

After the 50-60 min session, you will be helped by our office staff, ask any questions and stay as long as you like. We have tea and educational materials on hand at all times.  

Consultations & Appointments

All consultations and appointments are by appointment only. We would be happy to answer all of your questions, and give a free consultation over the phone or by email.