Our Health Partners


Our Health Partners

Qigong : 

David Wei is a 16th generation lineage holder of the Wudang Zhang San Feng Pai Kung Fu school.  He teaches most mornings outside at the Cathedral of Light by Lake Merritt in Oakland.  Of all the qigong teachers I personally have studied with, he is the most fun, warm and engaging.  

Oncology :

Dr Amy Matecki : Dr Matecki is the head of Integrative oncology at Sutter Health Alta Bates.  We have been working with her in integrative patient care for the last 6 years.   For oncology, she is the western medical doctor I'd trust with my life.  

Chiropractic : 

Michael Rehl, D.C.  Walnut Creek
Michael is especially versed in supplement chemistry and neuro-physiology.  

James Huang, D.C.  Walnut Creek/ Oakland
James specializes in sports medicine and recovery from injuries. 

Korosh Shakeri, D.C.  Berkeley/ Oakland
Korosh has a lot of experience with high performance athletes.  

Dyanna Anfang, D.C.    Berkeley
Dyanna is gentle and comprehensive.

Personalized Diet program : 

Tammy Chang (certified holistic dietary coach and author of "the Nourished Belly")

Meditation : 

East bay meditation center EBMC
An inclusive and non-denominational and diverse community

Lifestyle Coaching : 

Nissa Suteja "The 24 Seasons"

To get low-cost treatment under $30:

Chiropractic :

The Joint  https://www.thejoint.com/california/berkeley/berkeley-31001

Community Acupuncture: 

Octagon Community Acupuncture (Oakland) http://www.octagoncommunityacupuncture.com/

Berkeley Community Acupuncture (Berkeley) https://www.bcaclinic.com/

Acupuncture Schools:  

Academy of Chinese culture and health sciences - Oakland

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College - Berkeley

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - SF

Medical : 

Berkeley free clinic http://www.berkeleyfreeclinic.org/

Lifelong West Berkeley http://www.lifelongmedical.org/locations/our-locations/west-berkeley.html

Lifelong Dental http://www.lifelongmedical.org/services/dental-care.html

Counseling : 

JFK counseling (with intern) - Oakland

The Wright Institute - Berkeley http://www.wi.edu/clinics

For Therapists outside of our local area, please contact us and we will help you find someone for your specialized needs.