Does acupuncture hurt and is it safe?

We use only sterile disposable needles that are 1/20th the diameter of a hypodermic needle that are used for flu shots.  At most, you may feel a tiny pinch like a mosquito bite, but usually you won't feel anything on insertion.  Actually just pressing an acupressure point with your finger has a stronger sensation than inserting an acupuncture needle. After that, feeling a heavy or radiating sensation is considered a good thing.   I'll tell you what, if you're concerned about this kind of thing, the first needle is free :)

Most people say they love the way the needles feel when they're in the body.  They actually don't want us to take them out.  

How often should I come in for treatment?

Typically an acute pain condition would benefit from 2 treatments / week for 2 weeks.  A chronic issue could be treated 1x / week for 4-8 treatments and then reassessed at that time to see the progress made.  We do our best to be the most efficient and effective as possible. For stress conditions, 1x / week for 4 sessions and then 1x every other week for tuneups could be helpful.   Monthly and Seasonal tune ups are also recommended, even if there are no apparent issues.  Preventative health is the best cure.